Ronciswall Run – 2021 Update #1

Hi Guys! so time to start reveal the new run details! From now on we will weekly post updates about the new run details!
First of all we can say that the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for these new build have been drastically reduced to 5 months, this means that all of you who would be interested on a Vapor inside this run will wait no more then 5 months, and this is the first thing we wanted to fix from the first prebuy we made in 2019. We achieved an amazing collaboration with some manufacturing companies that will help us to sustain volumes in the cnc operations.
With this Run we want to do better then the first one, and to do so we need to FIX some specifications, to be able to be consistent in the quality and in the ETA… but.. the specs are really amazing and the price will be the same 🙂
What we want to try to do is to build and offer you the most valuable guitar run you EVER have seen in terms of price, quality and value.
The new Run will be About:
7 strings
Multiscale 25″ – 26.5″ – 9th parallel- 24 SS Jumbo frets
Fixed Bridge
Bolt On Neck.
The first wood to be announced is (FOR ALL) a Mastergrade Palemoon Ebony Fretboard, you will be able to chose from a selected stocks of plus 50 mastergrade fretboards.
You will be able to pick the fretboard you like so first come, first served! All the process will be made with the new website and configurator.
Please tell us what are your thoughs on our Facebook Page and also what would you want to use for the other woods, we are still deciding tops and body wood!