Ronciswall Run – 2021 Update #2 New Configurator Features

Hi everyone, today we are taking a look at the new features we implemented on our web configurator, specificly made for the next Vapor Run.

The new feature is about the color section of our configurator; we are now giving you the possibility to be more creative in the creation process of your guitar intoducing a multiple choise for the colors.

As you can see from the picture you are now able to select more colors and create some very unique finish like this outside black burst with an inside blu burst,

or you can also mix see through colors with fades to create unresistable finishes!

You just need to put attention to the tabs as being multiple choise you need to double click to unselect your option.

You could potentially end up with some odd, or not looking good finish too, but tastes are tastes 😉


From our tests usually a combination of 2, max 3 colours work better.


Here is the link on the configurator, you can already start to create something cool! the configrator will be updated when all the specifications will be listed!