Ronciswall Run 2021 – Update #3

Hi everyone! so next update today is about the Neck, Body wood and some thoughs about the prices and specs.
I can’t get enought of wengè for neck… so yes neck will be made of a one piece solid, brownish, chocolatish Wengè, and for the “try harder” a 5 piece Maple/Wengè or Wengè/Maple option will be available.
Best combo ever is of course an Ash Body, no Swamp Ash or chambering options available, unfortunatly.
The guitar thickness will be of 38mm.
Neck shape will be a C untill 7th fret and D, progressivly Flat, from 7th (Vapor Desing)
Neck Thickness is 20 – 21 mm, extra comfy and fast.
About the final price we are still deciding, according to the specs. I can tell that we are on a range from 1500 to 1800 euro, just need to also understand if include gigbag, options etc inside an unique price or give them as options to get even a lower price.
To recap we have as a base model:
7 Strings only
25″ – 26.5″
Mastergrade Palemoon Ebony Fretboard
1 Piece Wengè Neck
2 Piece Ash Body
Poplar Burl or Flame Maple Tops
Ebony Pickup Cover
SS frets
The options are so far:
Colour Stain for Tops
5 Piece Necks
Wood Cover for Pickups different from Ebony
Remote options will be:
Different brand for pickups
DIfferent brand for bridge
If you have questions, thoughs or any other thing in mind let me know 🙂