New Ronciswall Website + Configurator!

Hi everyone! Gabriele from Ronciswall here!

This is the very first post of our blog in our new website! i’m so exited to share with you all our new website and configurator, custom made (of course 😉 ) for us by Art of Web of Luca Zaina.  We really did an hard work to get this configurator done in few months with literally tons of customization for the Vapor.

You can choose the 6 or 7 string version of our headless model, apply 58 different intercharchable finish between woods and solid colours, that really have infinite possibilities to play with, hardware, neck wood, pickup wood and so much more!

So to start with you can check our little video demonstration to have a better understanding of how the Ronciswall Vapor Configurator works.

Also, the ordering process of our Rs and R1 model have been drastically improved and tied with the new shop.