Hey Everybody! The best time of the year is here and here at Ronciswall we are working on the Run 2022! We really did appreciate your feedbacks from the Vapor Run 7 – 2021 so we think we can replicate this way of making guitars also on this new one.

Our Run are focused on giving you the opportunity to own some unique woods, togheter with an excellent playability and craftmanship at an hugely discounted price.
When you look at other companies’s run there are 3 aspects to always consider:

1) They provides few good looking woods and options.
2) If you find something interesting they usually start asking 3000/3500 USD as a base price that could not be for everyone.
3) The design is usually very simple to mass produce, and CQ is not always the best.

We want to offer you, as we did with the Vapor Run 7, our best in terms of Quality of the Woods, Playability and QC togheter with a Killer Price!

No more talk and let’s jump to the specs.

The Shape

Miasma, our newly and best superstrat guitar shape, full of new curves, specially tuned for this run. Available in 6 or 7 strings. We start looking at the Belly carve, redesigned to ensure the best comfort in that area; modern Arm Rest on the top, and and easy access to the latest frets. In addition, just to make us not miss anything, an upper horn elegant carve you can use for the thumb at last frets or… just admire the geometry :). A perfect C 21mm neck profile is the best to handle this workhorse! R1 Reverse 6 or 7 in line headstock with matching top and Ronciswall Logo!


The Woods

In two simple words Buckeye Burl. Yes! one of the most appreciated guitar top in the market, so exotic, sometimes difficult to find can be loaded in your Miasma, but if you are also looking for a more elegant yet simple build we are also offering an Ash body, available in Natural or Satin Black or a Marble Finish! Other tops are also available as well as many, many…i mean many colours schemes. We did appreciate the Ash body in the years pairing it very well with a Wengè neck, but also a maple neck is available for the guys who really want to push trebles!. We did use Palemoon Ebony fretboards on the Vapor 7 Run, this time we are going to give you this wood only as an option, base wood will be Black Ebony, or Maple.

The Hardware

Schaller really make top notch hardware… and the Hannes was an easy assist for the 6 strings verision. Available in all the colours togheter with Hipshot Grip Lock Tuners. If you are more into a 7 strings axe we will provide an Hipshot Bridge. Pickups will be our new Ronciswall Marso VI. We did use the Ronciswall Marso on the Vapor run and you really liked it a lot! So why not pushing more this pup to follow the aggressive shape of the Miasma with some more output? Bareknuckle and Gorilla Pickups also available as options.

How it will work

Orders are opened until 31st December. As always a deposit is needed to confirm the build.  Raw Eta is September 2023. (this will mostly depends on how many guitars will be built adn due to Covid circumnstances around the globe). A cancellation fee equal of the deposit you paid will be retained if the order will be cancelled. Changes are possible right before we start the cnc operations; a 50€ fee for any modification will be charged. Any modifications on the order will need to be comunicated to our email (info@ronciswallguitars.com) and you will be asked to pay the modification fees instantly. All changes that will be comunicated via Instagram/Facebook/Facebook Messengers will not be accepted.

Click to configure https://www.ronciswallguitars.com/product/miasma-run-6-and-7/